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Useful Resources

Finding age appropriate bilingual resources can be challenging. After all, who has extra time laying around to scour the Internet for the latest and greatest language tools. That’s why we’ve got you covered and every week, we’ll release a new resource to try with your future linguaphile. To be the first in line, sign up for our weekly newsletter and you’ll always be the first to know when a new resource is uncovered!

China Sprout:

China Sprout is the ultimate Chinese resource for children of all ages. From posters, to flashcards, to games, to culture materials, China Sprout has everything you need to jumpstart learning. They also have many popular western books like the Dr. Seuss series, Eric Carle books, and many more all translated into Mandarin! With affordable pricing and free shipping promotions, you can stock up without breaking the bank.

Grow Story Grow:

This is the treasure trove of bilingual books! If you’re looking for books in your child’s target language, then Grow Story Grow is what you need to supplement your child’s learning. A parent subscription is affordably priced and you can take the books with you on their mobile app!


If you’re looking for full immersion options for the school year and the summer, then CommuniKids can be a great program to explore. Starting as the Caterpillar Cooperative Preschool in 2003, CommuniKids has quickly expanded and now serves three locations in the greater DC area. With a play-based approach and NAEYC accreditation, their program is leading the way in bilingual education!


Don’t let being too busy stand in the way of learning a new language. With Lingualift you can do quick 10-minute lessons, on the go, when you have time. This can be a great way to learn the language with your little one, or to use this to accelerate your budding linguist’s learning!

DC Language Immersion Project:

DC Language Immersion Project also known as DC Immersion is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to make language immersion resources accessible and affordable for all families in the DC region. Even if you don’t live in the nation’s capital, DC Immersion does have many great online resources that parents from across the country can to tap into.

Concordia Language Villages:

The Concordia Language Villages are one of the country’s best language immersion camp experiences. The villages give you and your little one an insider’s view into how it would be to live in a foreign country, hearing nothing but your target language. Plus, you’ll be treated to authentic cuisine and traditional activities related to the countries that speak the target language. And, they have sleepaway options for older children that are jammed packed with language fun too!

Culture Chest:

Culture Chest, is the ultimate culture resource you need to support your global citizen! Culture Chest brings a new culture and country into your home every month. Each month you’ll receive 2-3 books and 1 surprise item designed to teach your child about different cultures.


Pictureta blends education and language together, making it the perfect Christmas gift for a budding linguist. Their customized maps, throw pillows, and other room decor can be made in multiple languages. Bringing the target language into your child’s room can be a great way to continue the language learning at home. Plus, check out a parent’s review of Pictureta and see why Bicultural Mama recommends getting the world map for your little one!


Digit is your go-to and EASY way to save money for language lessons, studying abroad, or for a cool cultural activity. Simply connect your bank account and the savings starts immediately. They will analyze your daily balance and withdraw small increments of money (we’re talking $10 or less), making saving money the easiest thing you‘ve done all year!


BrillKids is the ultimate reading system in many languages. An ideal language learning system for young children, their Little Reader product is the most effective learning system for teaching your child to read. When you purchase the complete 12-month curriculum, you get instant access to short and proven lessons designed to advance your little learner’s literacy skills. Even better, you can buy the system in 7 different languages!

Language Lizard:

Language Lizard is your go-to source for audio books in over 40 different languages. And, their award-winning digital PENpal Audio Recorder Pen allows young readers to hear content in various languages by simply touching the pen to books, charts, labels and other learning resources. You can even download pre-recorded sound files to turn many of their bilingual picture books into interactive “talking books.”

Smart Canary:

Smart Canary is bringing back the fun to learning a foreign language. If you’re looking for an effective way to engage your child with languages, then this card game is what you have to try. Modeled after popular games like UNO and “Steal the Pile”, Smart Canary is a great way to learn vocabulary, build sentences and practice pronunciation. Best for ages 6 and up, but with excellent resources to help you adapt the game to your child’s level, it still is a language resource to keep on your list.

The Pet Dragon

The Pet Dragon:

The Pet Dragon is the most illustrative and easy to follow book to learn the Chinese characters. Appropriate for ages 3 and up, this is a great way to begin introducing characters to your little one, or even teaching yourself some too! It comes in a kindle version, so you can take it with you on the go.


Duolingo is one of the newest language learning apps is gamifying how we acquire language. Think Rosetta Stone meets Mario Brothers! You’ll advance to levels based on your score, lose lives if you answer incorrectly, and score points for mastering new vocabulary. Each lesson offers a variety of listening, speaking, translating and question challenges. Just when you thought you were too busy to learn another language (or teach your child one).

Cooking with Languages:

The innovative chefs behind Cooking with Languages want to help parents, like us, expose our little ones to new words and new foods. With bilingual recipes in English and various target languages, kids can practice their language and cooking skills, all in one!

Gus on the Go:

Gus On the Go is the perfect app to expose and assess your child’s understanding of the target language. Your child can watch Gus go on little adventures and learn various new words. Think of it as a Dora the Explorer, but with much more foreign language and short interactive quizzes. Great for even young preschoolers, Gus on the Go is designed especially for the young mind and their very short attention span!

One Third Stories:

Just when you thought story time couldn’t get anymore fun! The language geniuses behind One Third Stories are launching an innovative and effective language resource for young children. One Third Stories are giving monolingual parents the opportunity to expose their child to another language.


Parents! It’s time we get in on the language learning too. With this week’s resource, you can practice the target language with your child. HelloTalk gives you instant access to learn over 100 languages with native speakers, from all over the world. Quickly and easily meet native-speaking language partners or search for those nearest to you, by country or city – you pick! Start practicing your Chinese, Arabic, or Spanish skills today.


It’s our kids’ version of Mario Brothers meets Rosetta Stone! KidSpeak is a fun, interactive, game-based language learning program created by the linguist folks at Transparent Language. With over a dozen different categories, your little one will be entertained no matter what they’re interested in (clothing, school supplies, sports, travel, weather, you name it).

Middlebury Interactive Languages:

Think about the latest in technology meeting the best language learning practices, and that is what Middlebury’s Interactive Languages are. They’re your digital immersion experience for grades K-12. Whether you’re looking for a research-backed language curriculum to supplement your little one’s learning or want a robust AP-level course to prepare for advanced language tests, this can be the go-to tool for you.


It’s the holy grail of post-it-notes! Grab a pack of FlashSticks from Amazon and put them around your home, office, or even in your car to make learning another language super accessible. With the accompanying app, snap a picture of one of the flash sticks and get an instant lesson on how to pronounce the word. Download the FlashSticks mobile app to your Android or iPhone and get to learning! This resource is great for older children ages 6 and up