Just a monolingual mom raising a trilingual kid.

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About Me - I’m a language NERD!

My name is Llacey Simmons and I have a confession to make.

I  only speak English. That’s right, I’m monolingual.

But, I am raising my son, Cavanaugh (the cutie above) to be an English, Chinese, (and soon-to-be Arabic) speaking genius.

Well, maybe not a genius, but you know what I mean…

I’m always asked the question, “Why Chinese and not Spanish?”

The short answer is: research!

When I was pregnant, I did a lot of late night research and was floored by the scientific research behind the Chinese language and how it boosted kids’ mathematical skills, problem-solving, and abstract thinking.

Besides, I know lots of adults who have mastered Spanish, Italian, and even Portuguese later in life. Learning a new language based on alphabets is light years easier than trying to build fluency with a tonal language.

Which probably explains why, everyone I’ve come across who tried learning Chinese, later in life, eventually bowed out and spent their time in other pursuits. When Cavanaugh was a baby, I even took a stab at it and after 10 minutes of an intense Rosetta Stone session, I decided to leave the language learning to Cavanaugh.

But, let my life be a lesson. I’m living proof that you CAN raise a bilingual child, even if you do not speak another language.

I hope you use this site as a resource for you and your family. Let us (meaning me) do the heavy lifting for you and if there is ever any question or resource you can’t find, let me know. I’m happy to add it to my late night internet research binge to-do list.