If they’re going to watch it – Make sure it’s in Chinese…

If you’re stumbled upon this blog, then you know that teaching your child a second (or third) language is a must. Globalization is going hand in hand with bilingualism, as offshore outsourcers are acknowledging the language barrier. The monolingual education that you and I had may not be “good” enough to give our kids as many opportunities as possible in the future. This has led Millennial parents (me included) to send our kids by heaps and bounds to language learning classes, to become fluent in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French, Arabic – you name it! But, raising a bilingual kid, when you’re a monolingual parent is not for the faint at heart. Between language classes, tutors, hours of late night research, the money can add up very quickly. After all it’s 2017, so using the internet to our advantage is the easiest way to reach your bilingual goal for your child. And, I’ve stumbled across this gem of a website that you have to check out! A site which has been helpful in teaching children different languages, while showing them engaging and interactive videos is Oznoz.com. Here is how this language learning website can help parents raise bilingual children, sitting back at home.

Why Oznoz.com?

Most kids tend to avoid watching videos in different languages at a young age. Kids might feel uncomfortable in watching videos which they do not even understand. However, when it comes to cartoons, most children are only pleased to see the vibrant images and the characters, rather than hear what they say.

This helps in children sitting peacefully in front of the computer or tablet screen. Moreover, it also convinces kids to learn what the characters are saying, and gradually this turns into a slow yet effective learning process, driving your kids into a bilingual journey. Oznoz.com mostly provides you with videos, which your kids are familiar with, such as cartoons. These videos are available in 10 different languages, for example, Arabic, Chinese, English, German, and Hindi, etc. The website is easy to understand and provides you with an in-built store, from where you can buy CD’’s, DVD’s and even books, according to the interests of your child.

The Perks!

At Oznoz.com, you have the opportunity to start a free trial at once, which can be canceled at any time, if it isn’t the right fit for your child or what you’re trying to accomplish. You have the first two weeks of the membership FREE, and then they charge you $9.99 per month. Plus, your first month’s subscription includes a $20 certificate to use in their online Oznoz Shop – a bargain for parents, like me, who are always on the look out for great language deals.

Use Language Learning Through Videos to Your Advantage – Busy Parents Listen Up!

The use of visual media to learn languages has been dug out and is gaining momentum in the last few years. It is critical to use it the right way, to make sure that there is some good made out of it. If you’re going to allow your young children to watch TV or view media online, you might as well make sure it is in the target language, right? I get it, as a mother of an active 4-year-old boy, sometimes I need 5 minutes to get tidy up or put clothes in the dryer.

If I let my son watch a show on my phone, his tablet, or the TV, I make sure it is in Chinese. Oznoz makes this super easy for me. He can even now browse shows on his own and select his Chinese cartoon of choice. After all, it is about giving our bilingual kids as much exposure to the target language as possible. In such cases, websites such as Oznoz.com can be a huge help, and provide you with the right type of platform you need for your kids.


The Bottom Line…

Oznoz.com is one of the best language learning platforms, which parents can use to raise bilingual kids, especially if you don’t speak the target language yourself. It helps in teaching parents the right use of visual media, and provides cartoon videos in 10 different languages, anywhere and anytime.

This provides exceptional convenience and is a great (and educational) resource even to use on the go. Whether you’re looking for a productive “distraction” during a family dinner or need something to preoccupy your bilingual child on a long road trip, Oznoz offers a wide variety of options to make the most of their screen time. Plus, with an affordable price and instant streaming, Oznoz is a must-try for monolingual parents raising bilingual kids!

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