August 22, 2016

When Everyone is NOT On Board

All big endeavors come with challenges, right? Some you can avoid, and some, you can’t… Raising a bilingual child is one of these big endeavors and what is already hard can become an even tougher task if important people, in your child’s life, are not on board.
August 18, 2016

Au Pairs Are Expensive – Try This Instead!

No one said teaching kids Chinese, or any language for that matter, would be easy. Once a week classes aren’t enough to immerse your little learner in the language and some of the alternatives seem pretty pricey. You could hire an au pair to speak Chinese to your child 24-7 (or, at least during her waking hours). But, how much is that going to cost?
August 15, 2016

Language is Great – But, Where’s the Culture?

You’re raising bilingual kids. Awesome! You’ve got the language lessons down, the kids are building the basics, and you might even be able to have more than a two sentence conversation with them in their second language. But, are letters, sounds, and words really all that a language is? Of course not! Let’s not forget that languages come from cultures
August 14, 2016

Is It Better to Let Them Learn – Or Should I Join In?

Who doesn’t remember their kind of crazy middle school foreign language teacher? You know who I’m talking about… That seemingly out-there character who came into French class dressed as a mime (beret and all) or absolutely, positively refused to speak even one word in English all semester long (leaving you totally clueless about what you were learning).