January 24, 2017

FlashSticks – Our Language Hodge Podge Game

Next time you’re looking for a way to combine language learning and fun try mixing and matching your child’s target language with their native language.
January 18, 2017

Don’t Be Afraid To…

Teaching your child a second language takes a risk and sometimes you have to “think outside” of the box and not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new!
January 15, 2017

Expand Their World View – Custom Maps for Growing Minds

I recently received a beautifully designed world map from Pictureta. When we took it out of the long cardboard tube it was shipped in, my son’s eyes immediately lit up and he was instantly curious to know what the colors meant, what the words said, and about all of the animals on the map.
January 11, 2017

Marie & Isaac – Their French and Korean Language Journey

I am happy to share a guest blog from Marie! She’s a dedicated “language mom”, who has had to find creative ways to expose and teach her young children, Regina (3) and Vincent (2) both French and Korean.